Thursday, July 16, 2009
personal update on Streamline Funnel System
this is white hot...
The number of U.S. households on the verge of losing their homes soared by nearly 15 percent in the first half of the year as more people lost their jobs and were unable to pay their monthly mortgage bills.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

With High Unemployment, Out Of Control...this could help pay the bills...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My new video

As you can tell, I'm getting better at
powerpoint videos...

And I'm working very hard on my
business as well...

The $200 payments just keep rolling in
in and I couldn't stop it even if I was
crazy enough to want to!

I keep pushing the button and the payments
just keep coming. It's nuts!

Take a second look,just to
be sure you aren't missing something.

Other than all of those $200 payments!

To Your Dream Lifestyle,

Jeff Davis

Dream Lifestyle System member

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Jeff Davis Top Gun Copywriter gets busy

Hi Fans,

Jeff Davis Top Gun Copywriter here, and
I've really gone off the deep end...

I had to get rid of the last blog...sorry
it had a cheezey title and I had to change

I like the fact that this blog writes in
html, makes it nice for insertion... | Free Opt-In Email System

You should advertise with me, over at it's pretty cool, and
easy to do...

I just joined the Dream Lifestyle, and I'm
basically doing a huge data buy...

I'm experimenting with postcards, twitter,
and all sorts of banner campains, solo ads,

I'm a one man media blitz...

I'm also doing video marketing...

So, look out world, you're gonna hear
a lot from Jeff Davis...



So, I look forward to posting more
on this blog...#imremarkable is the
tag on twitter for Howie's Marketers,
and I think his tactics are very good.

You see me here, slurping up one more
piece of vre that I own...

Talk soon,
Jeff Davis