Monday, February 22, 2010

oops I did it again...

Hi Friends,

Jeff Davis here, and sometimes you
have to be obnoxious, and hop up and
down, and say "OVER HERE!"

I just got my wordpress blog banned,
and that was a mistake, I knew I was
on the line for terms of

And guess what...

they were watching...

No big deal, I have wordpress blogs of my own...

is just one of them...

Now just last nite I discovered a free website
to get around twitter's nasty new policy...

this will probly go away soon, but it works for now...

and you didn't hear it from me...


I will be causing more trouble soon!


Jeff Davis

P.S. I have another gift for you...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jeff Davis here and today I have a gift for you...

Hi Blogsters!

Jeff Davis here and today I have a gift for you.

Actually, 3 gifts.

Get 3 FREE Scripts Now!

You see my good friend Phillip P. Brewer just opened
his new website and has agreed to let my subscribers
be among the first to check it out and get his 3 brand
new scripts for *f'ree.

You can see it here and get the 3 scripts:

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Here's the link again. Just go check it out already.

Thanks for being my loyal subscriber.

Until next time...
Jeff Davis