Sunday, May 29, 2016

Does DNA Wealth Blueprint actually work? - True or false

Does DNA Wealth Blueprint actually "work"? - True or false

Dear Friend,

Holy moly - you guys have been sending in a TON of questions regarding
DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0.

So I've gathered up the top 4 frequently asked questions and gave detailed answers below.

Four Most Frequently asked questions

Q1 - Does DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 Work?

A. This is the biggest question you need answered because it will be the difference between you buying or sitting on the fence, so lets answer it for you.

Over the last 11 months many students have successfully implemented the DNA system and the results are impressive.

40+ 5 figure per month income earners

21+ 6 figure per month income earners

And, four 7 figure income earners (high ROI on profitable ad spend into the hundreds of thousands of dollars *** now these results are not typical and very impressive)

The actual numbers of successful students are way more than that, but those are the numbers from students who wanted to step forward.

Many students want to stay private with their success and are very happy being out of the spotlight and I don’t blame them, would you?

So in closing they took the DNA Wealth Blueprint system and implemented it for massive results.

These results are not typical, matter of fact they are out of the ordinary because all these students did what most will never do, they put money into the advertising machine and spend their own hard earned money, failed, lost money, recuperated, went back to work and got successful.

So yes the system is battle tested and proven because you see the case studies.

Go get it now.

Q2 - How much money do I need to start?

A. Here’s the skinny on this one, you will have to spend money to make money.

Some people have gotten results with as little as a couple of hundred dollars in advertising spend and scaled very quickly from there. They were the exception to the rule.

You will need to set aside and have money to invest typically $30-$50 per day

How much you need totally depends on your skill set, your dedication, your risk tolerance, and many other factors.

Hey I could sit here and tell you that you don’t need a lot of money but then you would know that isn’t so and your BS radar would go off in your head so lets both be honest about it, you’ll need to have money to advertise and you’ll need to make sure its enough to sustain you through your learning curve.

Q3 - What happens if I get my advertising accounts shut down?

A.This isn’t a magical course, you have to stay compliant and abide with all the TOS of all advertising platforms if you hope to grow your business long term.

Think about it this way, are you here for the long haul or just around for some quick part time income then starve for the rest of the year. When you answer that question then the question is irrelevant because you’ll want to do things right.

I’m a compliant guy and teach that way since DNA Wealth Blueprint was started.

Q4 - I’m a newbie will I have information overload, get confused and not take action being stuck all over again and out $2K?

A. Many of our first members were newbies and never spent a penny in paid advertising. At first they found the course over their head but I worked with them continually and slowly. They started to get results in small wins then the small wins become bigger.

The results came quickly once they got on a roll. Thousands a month, then tens of thousands of thousands a month. Now lets be clear, yes there is actually a few (very small number of members less than a dozen who still to this day are struggling and making small amounts but at least they are hanging in there)

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that everyone is making it rain because again your BS radar would go off, so lets cut through the bull you’ll read on most sales letters.

You got to work, you got to commit to the course and follow instruction. If you can do that you will see success.

In closing DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 really isn’t for beginners but if you jump on board over time you should see results and be able to change your life. Never rush wealth, there is no rush to getting rich, you have to work the system and let the system and your determination take you where you want to get to.

I’m really writing this as a "one on one" to you like we were sitting at the table just chatting about stuff and keeping it real. If you meet me half way and put in the time and effort I’ll help you get to the other side.

Here we go

Jeff Davis

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How You Can Build Your Business Today

Dear Friend,

Starting a business and becoming successful is often part of the American Dream.

But there is a difference between starting a business and building a successful business. Many businesses fail within the first few years of existence due to the lack of planning for the long-term.

There is not enough vision and there is not enough done to strengthen the business properly from the ground up. If you want to start a business there is an easy way to get a better understanding of why some businesses fail and others don't. When starting a business think about it similar to building a house.

If done right it is protecting you against any kind of storm or danger of the outside world and will last for a long time.

It offers shelter and protection. For you and your business that could be translated to that you want to have a business that is able to weather economical ups and downs (=storm) and that will provide income to pay the bills (shelter and protection).

 When building a house there are several different steps you need to follow to have the house build. You know you want a house, but you got to pick a location and get an architect to plan everything out. In the business world that would be: you know you want to start a business, but you have to come up with a business idea and work out a business plan.

 The next thing for the house would be to build the foundation (and eventually the basement) for the house. In the business world - you got to build the initial infrastructure (example: connecting with vendors, find a manufacturer for your product, create a sales team, rent office space, get a delivery truck, etc.).

 Once that is in place you able to actually do business and earn some money. But you are not completely done yet. You need to build a frame, put in windows and you also need a roof on house. For your business this means that you pay off debt, improve business processes and get professional help when needed (example: find a tax accountant, select a payroll service, etc.).

 Once the house is build you probably want to fill it with furniture and make it livable for the future. Nobody wants to sleep on the floor, right. Again translating this to the business world it could mean that you invest money you earned back into your business.

You buy machinery instead of leasing it. Eventually you buy a building, hire more staff, develop more products, move into new markets, build up a high cash reserve, and buy other businesses and so forth. This is often the step where winners and losers separate.

Re-investing money into the business is a key factor for success. If you go and spend all the money on your own salary to buy things you have nothing to go back to when the economy slips into a recession or if disaster strikes.

The successful business owner has build up a cash reserve or can borrow money from bank - securing loans with the assets of the business. Going back to building a house this pretty much matches the same efforts.

You pay off your mortgage and have equity available to eventually borrow against when emergency arises. Emergencies do not include paying off credit cards to use them again or to buy a car.

Financially responsible you should be looking at the long term and not finance short-term goods with long-term debt.

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Talk soon,
Jeff Davis

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

How To Use Social Networking to Improve Your Blog's Traffic

Dear Friend,

There is no doubt that blogging is qucikly becoming popular
and there's no stopping its popularity.

The fight for supremacy heats on.

The battle for the highest ranked blog or the most frequently
visited blog is now at its peak. It is also no surprise that blogs
now are becoming popular because of its use as a vehicle for
earning extra bucks.

What do you need to increase your blog's traffic?

It requires no extra complication as a matter of fact,

all you need to do is to maximize your networking skills.

That's right!

No need for additional special skills -
just plain old networking skills.

So how do you start?

 First you need to have a constant appearance online.

You can visit other blogs as well, in that manner bloggers
will see your blog entries as well. It's more like a give and
take relationship.

You can also participate in blog forums and recommend
your blog to those people who are seeking information
which your blog provides. 

Aside from forums, you can also chat with other
bloggers online. Advertise your blog online.

It requires no extra complication as a matter of
fact, all you need to do is to maximize your
networking skills.

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