Thursday, October 18, 2012

EBS (Evergreen Business System) has re-opened .. and why it matters. I will explain why it matters in a second but first, in case you did not know this about E.B.S. - 5000+ customers in one year (Impressive, are you on this list yet?) - Refund Rate Under 6% (ask around. That is among the lowest, especially for software) - Hundreds of Webinars are live making the owners thousands of dollars per day. - Many people are even using it as "affiliates" to sell other peoples products {link} - Dozens of updates since last year and many more still to come. Think: Continuous Incremental Improvement (Kaizen) - Many new features added and constantly being added. Features such as: * Seamless wordpress/website integration * Simulate A One-Day / One-Time Event That Expires * Black Out Dates - (Who does webinars on major holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving anyway?) * Split testing of landing page and webinar pages * Embed your Webinar into Facebook!! * Register straight from your own squeeze page * Compatible with iPhone and iPad * More registration and webinar presentation designs * Full screen webinars And the list goes on. Like I said, a ton of new features added - and it runs like a well-oiled, finely-tuned machine. It's BULLETPROOF O.K. As promised, why it matters to you. There are some products (like a Hammer) that are part of every toolbox. For marketers, it is things like WORDPRESS, VIDEO, TRAFFIC, and yes. . . now Evergreen Webinars to AUTOMATE your business. Automate Your Presentations, and everything else. (we even offer live webinar feature too) Until now, you had to pay over $1000 or more per year with monthly fees. And if the service closes, so does your business. With EBS, you pay 1 time and you control everything. There is NOTHING else like EBS on the market at ANY PRICE with all these features that allows you all this control. The Buyer List of EBS is every BIG NAME marketer and every soon to be on the Planet. Now is your time. If you sell anything, you need to put this to work for you. To Your Success, Jeff Davis PS - This is hands down the best automated evergreen webinar software on the planet. See how we stack up against the competition and you will be amazed. Don't be left behind. If you're not running automated webinars, you're leaving money on the table. Go there now:

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