Saturday, November 16, 2013

I work at home, do you?

wow, this is great,

I really love verdana, lol

The story is...

I'm bad and I haven't been blogging here,
like i should, and I apologize...

I was real busy, first I went to Denver and Steamboat,
and got altitude sickness, and had to come back...

Then I got my bmw running, and was busy riding,
and enjoying the freedom of motorcycling...

Then I re-focused on my business...and I've been
busy ever since, taking good care of my clients...

So that is my reason, I've been swamped at fiverr! is hopping!

You should check out all the crazy things I do for folks
over there...

 blujam on fiverr

If you want to get a hold of me you can find me
at my home blog:

and there is voice mail on the right side,
feel free to leave a short message, I'd love to 
hear from you...

Now if you would like to learn how to
tell a story to your audience, and motivate
them to spend with need
to click on Story Telling Madness

Trust me I'll be back soon, with more of the story!
Jeff Davis